1993 Gibson L-5 CT ("George Gobel") Custom Shop Master Model Hutchins


Mega rare piece with a dream tone (if I didn't already have so many jazz guitars, I'd never give it away!!! Not quite as thick as a conventional L-5. The output jack for the kiln plug has been moved to the rear belt pin (which makes absolute sense! but you can still feed the plug at the pickguard - if you absolutely want to...). An outstanding instrument, with a neck shaped just right (pleasant, strong thickness), super nice, thin - and therefore immensely vibration-supporting nitro varnish. Fantastic tone! Guitar is in fantastic condition - few, normal lacquer cracks in the nitro lacquer)! With original custom store case, certificat was not yet available at that time Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

SOLD 8498.00 EUR