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This is a commercial offer of :

Gregor Hilden,
Hammer Str 50,
48153 Münster,
Fon: + 49 (0) 251-52 48 02
Fax: + 49 (0) 251-52 48 03
mob: + 49 (0) 171-8 31 49 89
Email: hilden@muenster.de
control number 337-5110-0239 , tax office Münster -Innenstadt
Tax ID : DE1548482

Contact / payment modalities
mail: hilden@muenster.de or Tel: 0049 - 251-524802 , or mobile: 0049-171-8314989 .

there is no shopping cart here on this page, please just send me an e -mail to me You can also call if you want and if there are many questions to the instrument. I'm looking for billing- and shipping address and I will send an invoice with PDF  . After receipt the package immediately goes ( mostly on the same day) in the mail (tracking number can then also be emailed ). Paypal is also possibly also possible - please inquire to the data, however reluctantly because of the fees

General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Scope
For the purchase of instruments between Gregor Hilden (hereinafter referred to Gregor Hilden ) and the customer are the following General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the order Version .
§ 2 Conclusion
Your order represents an offer to us to Conclusion of a contract of sale, If you order a Gregor Hilden give up, you will receive an e - mail confirming receipt of your order lists the order. A purchase contract is only concluded when the goods was paid and the ordered product was delivered. No sales to Minors. The purchase price includes tax or falls under the margin scheme "subject to differential taxation" (see Labelling: " Includes 19 % Tax . " In the Articles) if in doubt just ask) .
§ 3 Right
Private consumers from the european union can in order for the Internet or by telephone (including by e-mail) or by returning the goods within 14 days after receiving the goods the contract. For the protection of the cancellation term the timely sending of the revocation or the goods. The buyer has to pay the shipping cost. The provisions of this paragraph apply not if supplied commodity or non- corresponding to the ordered merchandise is incomplete. A right is not when a guitar was manufactured for the customer or structurally altered to the customer upon special request / was modified. The revocation has no justification and is by letter, fax, e-mail to explain; to meet the deadline, to send the revocation or the goods. The period begins with receipt of this instruction. this Option applies only to private buyers not for entrepreneurs.
§ 4 Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is made to the delivery address specified by the purchaser. information about the delivery time is not binding, unless the delivery date was promised . CDs and DVDs are usually on the same day Order intake sent . Instruments after the transfer of the. Purchase price
§ 5 Maturity and Payment: bank transfer upon receipt of an Invoice as PDF
§ 6 off, retention
right to offset is available to the buyer only if his counterclaims have been legally established or by Gregor Hilden are undisputed. He is to exercise a Retention only insofar as his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship .
§ 7 Retention of title The delivered
Goods until full payment of the property by Gregor Hilden.
§ 8 Liability for defects
If there is a defect of the goods, shall be the legal Provisions of § § 434 et seq . The assignment of these claims by the purchaser is excluded.
§ 9 Applicable law
German law applies. Jurisdiction is Muenster / Westphalia . if the customer is an entrepreneur
§ 11 The minimum order value is 15, - Euro
§ 12 Final provisions regulate
( 1 ) The relationship between the parties exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The applicability of the Uniform Law on the International Sale Goods and the Law on the conclusion of international Purchase of Goods is excluded.
( 2 ) If the customer Merchant, Münster is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all claims in the Connection with the business relationship.
( 3) The clause from the hermitage of Salvatore: If something does not agree with the individual parts of these Terms and Conditions should , but then agrees to the rest of the Terms , or may not , or do , or then reserves but at least its effect the validity, if any case of Rest is ok so far ... !

Rosewood - all my guitars have legal papers for Roswood parts - like guitars necks

End of these Terms and Conditions

A personal note :

"consumer protection" is all well and good - but has sometimes even anyone thinking about " Seller Protection "

people who order things just because they 're bored or "just so" times new parts want , then send back and also still want to have refunded postage; this let me say that this completely grotesque and again intimate distance - redemption law was originally intended times to to protect old grannies which on the phone a life insurance policy or a new Thermal blanket was accosted - but not for guitarists who jupp heidi want a bit of trial and error of expensive instruments !
I personally think that from a certain extent for an absolute impudence. I always ask also the necks on the string thickness of the customer, the matters must personally pack up, go to the post office, hire again, needs stuff then sometimes sell cheaper. They sent about a brand new Instrument, it gets back to 14 days - and of course it can then be no longer be sold as new, (just those customers who want to try and send back, want to buy about a new amp finally no way that was MAL have often sent as returns across the whole of Germany and / or have one / two gigs played for , or " borrowed" for a CD production was .. (no kidding , this also gives it - and is legally covered by this Act ) ) . In the meantime, other interested parties has already been canceled for a particular part and which have sometimes been otherwise supplied when they are re-contacted after the rescission ...
Taipans also: I had a guitar already set to " sold ", she comes back after 10 days - and then hailing questions as " The was already sold .. - is now back .. was because maybe not good ....? " ... " because what is wrong? " ... " Why is the back, " and this, although perhaps only once again the wife buying prevented (no kidding!), or the customer from the outset was not really interested in buying but only wanted to compare times with his guitar.
Incidentally, it is also amusing when one pursues in forum discussions posts by guitarists where you cheer each other , but simply wild it happening to Order - " ... can send back so easy , does not cost nothing .. "

PS Last wrote to me now someone that he would keep this text for an impertinence, and he would not order anything with me anymore. Now : Very good - that was certainly one which is exactly attributable to this problem area. Then the text here has already fulfilled its function ... :-)
Incidentally, it's not about that, of course, in some cases, something is sent back - that's ok. In addition, I give me great trouble to find out about in telephone consultations if one thing well fits to the customer if the still is uncertain - so a packaging and shipping aria is not good for killing time.... Unlike large mail-order houses I do not own returns department, but grab everything and gets an ...