Early 70s Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (Ante's...) - not for sale


The circumstances under which this guitar now came to me could not be sadder: A good buddy of mine recently passed away from lung cancer. This friend and colleague - Detlef Antemann, an outstanding guitarist from Münster - was the same age as me - and 40 years ago we used to hang out at my parents' house to play guitar together pretty much every afternoon after school, listening to songs and stealing licks frm recods and jamming. And that's the guitar he always brought with him. No question, I was already fascinated by that instrument back then, and it was a great and important time for me. When I had my first professional job at the Oberhausen City Theater when I was about 18 (Andrew Lloyd Webber, "Jesus Christ Superstars"), I was allowed to borrow this Les Paul regularly from Detlef. The guitar was then in use for decades; next to a Strat and an SG, this was unquestionably Ante's favorite instrument. It has experienced a lot, headstock repair included, hundreds of concerts, ... most of them certainly still with cigarrette accompaniment ... ;-) Well, now she is with me and she will stay. I think that is also in the sense of Ante.... !