1969 Gibson "Sheraton" - PAF converted


A rare Epi built by Gibson - with a dream sound, great looks and first class playability thanks to just renewed medium jumbo frets and a nice medium neck format. The guitar originally had mini humbuckers, now newer Gibson PAFs are built in - sound really great! Furthermore the trapeze tailpiece was exchanged for a stoptail, the original part is included. Also new, aged Kluson-Waffleback were used. There is a mini-repair from a small break at the headstock - but it is hardly to see and can't be felt. One of the original potentiometers was not working and was replaced. The defective one is in the case, and here the dating to 1969 can be confirmed again. The guitar looks like it is absolutely harmonious and comes across with a lot of vintage mojo - but costs as much as a new Custom Shop Gibson! By the way, the guitar has been lying here for weeks now, because I couldn't bring myself to offer it for sale yet... but since I already have a lot of old Gibsons and Epis, I made the decision now. Incl. original case

5898.00 EUR

inkl. 19% UST

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