2020 Gibson Custom Shop '65 Non-Reverse Firebird V w/ Vibrola - Vintage Sunburst


From the first owner in new condition!!! Great guitar - I have one myself (besides my old Firebirds and find it a real enrichment! . ( Videos 1 & 2 shows the actual Guitar / 3-7 shows another one that was already here, also my personal one . Great guitar! Unlike an old Firebird V, this Custom Shop edition scores with some detail improvements: Nut width is usual 43mm, neck is more powerful, bridge PU is not as quiet as old ones, vibrato hebell. does not loosen all the time by itself etc, frets are grippy and not as flat as the original 65s ... The sound is authentic!!! And dreamlike, as you can hear in the video

3998.00 EUR

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