1991 PRS EG-4 (USA)


(US made) PRS EG4 from the year 199 1 It is kept in a rare blue, so probably, no longer exists. It has a HFS at the bridge and two Seymour Duncan SSL-2 flatwound pickups. It has been re-bound not too long ago, the neck has been signed in the stock with "Paul" and a date. The original case is a little smelly, and one tab is also broken. The guitar is nicely rocked and therefore feels good right away - but is not for people who like to ask the question by mail: "...is that on picture 3 a 0.3mm large quirk or a photo reflection?"... . I may give the answer right away as a precaution: everything that looks like a quirk on these photos is a quirk ;-)

1348.00 EUR

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