Fuchs ODS Classic Top Zustand! inklusive Flightcase, auch Tausch gegen Gitarre denkbar


meanwhile this is in my opinion the best replica of the original - with some great own ingredients, like digital reverb, etc.... - Input Gain (Push/Pull) - 3position Bright switch - Deep switch (bass boost) - 3-position EQ switch (incl. bypass) - Treble, Mid (Push/Pull), Bass - Overdrive Input (Push/Pull) - Overdrive Master and Tone - Accent - Reverb Level/Decay - Effect Loop Send (Push/Pull Trim) - Effect Loop Return (Push/Pull serial/parallel) - 4/8/16 Ohm speaker outputs - Power/Standby - 2 x 6L6 (50W), 4x 6L6 (100W) - 4 x 12AX7 (preamp, effect loop, phase inverter) - (W x D x H) 48 x 29 x 20cm