1998 Gibson Custom Shop L-5 Studio (Nashville Custom Shop)


Great guitar - if you can't spare 10.00,- for a regular L-5 - or if you are just as cool as Mark Whitfield, who once used such a guitar on his official live concert DVD and also played it very often otherwise - and had a great sound... (!). I In my videos you can also see and hear how extremely flexible this guitar is: from classic L-5 sounds to smacky overdrive blues sounds, everything is wonderfully doable! have added a few extra knobs and switches to the guitar - but the original parts are included and can be reassembled 1:1 if you want. The very thin nitro lacquer has a few mini indentations here and there, there are vintage lacquer cracks in the nitro lacquer, paint chips, minor dongs - all checked with black light - no breaks, no repairs... All vintage patina - wich is really charming. Guitar comes incl. original brown case

4998.00 EUR

inkl. 19% UST

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