2013 Fender Custom Shop '59 Esquire Relic - inkl. 2. Pickguard und Neck PU


Great color, nice aging, pleasant medium neck. Great guitar with a super tone! Since an Esquire already has all the millings and cable routings for a neck pickup from the factory, it is easy to add a good custom store neck pickup here, as well as a second original Fender 50s Pickuguard. So you now have all the classic Tele sounds available, and if you want to undo the whole thing: no problem, neck PU out again and the original Esquire pickguard back on. Incl. original Custom Shop case, certificate. (Extra Pickguard, Extra Pickup - Fender Nocaster Custom Shop Neck PU) (Pic 3 shows the guitar still with only one PU)

3248.00 EUR

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