1977 Gretsch Super Axe (Ex- Dean Porter)


From my personal collection! I have some time ago another, same "Super Axe" in orange get - and then really quite a few weeks to decide which of the two I want to keep ... both sound equally good and on both I have in the meantime had wonderful grippy meium Jumbo Frets fretted (the original, flat are really too tedious to play - now the guitar plays like a dream - but was also another investment of 300, -)! Recently I surprisingly came across a feature on the Gretsch "Super Axe" on the website of the US "Guitar Player" Magazine. The report was kindly enriched with my 2011 videos from a red version that was once here. And again I spontaneously got the desire for this weird bird... A while later, I found one in the web: with an absolutely great copy of a legendary studio veteran from Nashville: Dean Porter. There are a lot of great and interesting things to know about the musician if you google him. Not only had he worked for Chet Atkins (who, in turn, had greatly admired him as a musician), Porter also worked for Gretsch as a consultant and development engineer. Nice thing - this model in black was probably built especially for him at the time. I hadn't seen it in black before, the nitro paint already has wonderful age cracks. The condition is great - I just don't like the flat frets - that will be changed now

2898.00 EUR

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