2013 Gibson Les Paul "Collector's Choice 7 Aged" (CC-7 A) "Shanks"


Outstanding example, top condition! Great aging, fantastic sound and one of the best neck profiles I ever found on a CC (sort of a slightly smaller, super comfy '59 profile) If someone doesn't like the Grovers: By the way, drill holes for Klusons are also present on this model, so you could easily switch to vintage tuners without changing the guitar - which has already been done on this guitar . + + + Gibson's Collector's Choice series meticulously recreates specific, well-documented Les Pauls owned by renowned collectors and players. CC-7 is a breathtaking recreation of producer and renowned collector John Shanks' 1959 Les Paul, featuring a Faded Cherry finish, one-piece mahogany back, powerful Custom Bucker pickups etc. In 2013, Gibson introduced even more accurate specifications, such as: single-layer rosewood fingerboard, hot hide glue neck joint, historically accurate truss rod assembly, etc.! + + + Comes with original brown Custom shop case, accessories, certificate.

SOLD 5998.00 EUR