2006 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special Peter Frampton


A somewhat intriguing mix of LP Custom and LP Special elements. Unique looks, top condition, excellent woods including a real ebony fretboard - and after I recorded the videos, I was absolutely enthusiastic with its fantastic sounds! (Note: the videos are from another example, I previously had in stock). Original price was € 3,700 (suggested retail price even € 5,000!) + + + Comes with Custom Shop case, documents, Custom Shop certificate. + + + "The Peter Frampton Les Paul Special comes from the Gibson Custom Shop's Inspired By series of artist-developed guitars. Using his original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior as a jumping off point, Peter Frampton worked closely with the Gibson Custom Shop luthiers to develop an electric guitar that would embody the keen vintage sensibilities and highly personalized specs he is known for. At first glance, the Peter Frampton Signature model looks like the classic Les Paul Junior it's based on, but closer inspection reveals several unique specs The mahogany top covers a weight-relieved mahogany back and the ebony fingerboard and super-slim neck profile call to mind the neck found on the Custom Shop's Peter Frampton Signature Les Paul Custom. However, the three independently wired pickups are single-coil P-90s instead of the humbuckers found on the Signature Custom. The end result is a guitar that is lightweight, highly responsive, and full of tonal options Unlike standard production Les Paul Junior and Special models, the Peter Frampton Signature model has a 2-piece body. A mahogany top covers a honeycomb-routed mahogany back, yielding a light yet very responsive guitar. Each single coil P-90 pickup on the Frampton Signature Junior has a dedicated volume control, allowing each pickup to be blended in with or isolated from the others. The volume knob for the middle pickup allows it to be added to any pickup arrangement selected with the 3-way toggle switch, which functions as it would on a 2-pickup guitar: up for the rhythm pickup, down for the treble, and middle position for both. A master tone knob controls all three pickups."

2648.00 EUR

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