2017 Gibson ES-339 Antique Walnut 2018 Model, Limited Run, Yamano Model


A smaller version of the ES-335, nice medium C-shaped neck profile, fantastic sound!!! - on this guitar there are a few minor optical flaws - Gibson-typical for example the small cracks in the binding etc. - so it's not a perfect, sterile PRS - I say this now because the guitar, despite its stunningly good tone, has already been returned once by a customer who did not want it because of the little Gibson sloppiness. Therefore please: only to Gibson connoisseurs and fans. In the long run, these will very likely rise in value. "A 3-ply maple/poplar/maple body is finished in Antique Walnut and offers incredible sustain, a sweet, rich tone and a supreme playing position. The quartersawn mahogany neck features a rosewood fingerboard, traditional round C-profile and classic vintage Gibson pearloid small block inlays. Despite its smaller dimensions, this is a real players guitar, perfectly balanced and super smooth. A pair of MHS (Memphis Historic Spec Humbuckers) deliver those classic tones, deep, rich and resonant and they offer great clarity. These PAF style pickups are slightly underwound and feature unbalanced coils for a truly historic sound." + + + Serious investment, too. This one is also a "Yamano model" - instruments ordered by the Japanese distributer Yamano have a reputation of outstanding quality due to Yamano's high quality demands, and this one is no exception! Comes with Custom Shop case, accessories, certificate.

SOLD 2398.00 EUR