Vahlbruch "SpaceTime" Delay Echo Pedal, (neue 2019 Version!)


The legendary "SpaceTime" echo pedal now in a small package and with the MagTraB switching concept! Also new and with on-board: Internal switch for "True Bypass" or "Buffered Bypass" ! The "SpaceTime" is a handmade echo unit. Due to its unique circuitry it combines the advantages of the analog and digital audio world. The dry guitar signal is not digitized but analog processed and is therefore free of latencies. The character and dynamics of the guitar are fully preserved. In a parallel signal path, only the generation of the echo is realized digitally. This echo signal is finally mixed back into the analog path and output. The device offers the usual control options with "Time", "Repeats" and "Mix-Level" with which the delay time, the number of repeats and the volume of the echo can be adjusted. In addition, there is a toggle switch that influences the timbre of the repeat. The three gradations "bright", "mellow" and "dark" allow a targeted lowering of the treble part of the repeated signal, so that nice warm and analog echo sounds can be created. An internal DIP switch also allows switching between "true bypass" and "buffered bypass". Thus, the "SpaceTime" can be optimally fitted into any signal chain. Equipped with the MagTraB switching concept: All footswitches are designed as pushbuttons. A magnet is incorporated in the pushbutton head, whose respective position is detected by a sensor inside the device. If the pushbutton is now moved, e.g. if it is pressed down, the position of the magnet naturally also changes. The sensor measures this change without contact and passes it on via a micro-controller to a gold-contacted relay, which then carries out the actual switching operation without any time delay. The advantages of MagTraB technology: MagTraB switches are virtually indestructible! They provide an almost infinite number of switching cycles compared to conventional foot switches - many, many millions!!! No annoying mechanical switch cracking! Rather, you switch with the MagTraB switches almost silently and with a very smooth soft-touch switching feel! Do you want the device to be "on" immediately when you switch it on, or in "bypass"? Just reprogram: Step 1: Disconnect the power supply. Step 2: Press and hold "MagTraB". Step 3: Plug the power supply back in. Step 4: Release the "MagTraB" switch. DONE! Next time your pedal will start in the other state. Technical Specifications: Unique MagTraB switch technology! Internal switches for "true bypass" or "buffered bypass" Controls for "Time", "Repeats" and "Mix-Level" Tone switches for "bright", "mellow", "dark" Analog direct signal path with very linear frequency response Especially low-noise circuitry Delay time max. 660 ms Input impedance: 1.0M ohm Output impedance: 1.0M ohm Output impedance: 1.0M ohm, Power consumption is 60mA 9V power supply via external power supply, required polarity: "plus" outside, "minus" inside (power supply is not included). Dimensions (LxWxH): 115mm x 70mm x 48mm Weight: 240g Handmade in Germany

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