2011 Fender Telecaster Telebration Mahogany LTD Ed. 60ths Anniversary (USA)


Made in the USA, nice sound. Sixty years after its birth, the Fender Tele is still leaving its mark on music history. And with the Fender Mahogany Telecaster, Fender celebrates everything the Tele was, is, and will be with a slew of incredible 60th Anniversary "Tele-bration" Telecasters. This particular Tele, the Mahogany Telecaster, retains that iconic Tele look, while giving you a different voice and different vibe altogether. As the name suggests, this Tele is made from mahogany. The tonewood lends itself to a darker voice and, when paired with the humbucking bridge pickup and split single-coil neck pickup, you've got a lot of flavors and tonal colors in here. To set the Mahogany Telecaster apart, Fender gave it a contoured body too. The smooth edges give this Tele a touch of elegance, and the hand-rubbed oil finish really brings out the charm of that wood. And with only 500 available worldwide, the Fender Mahogany Telecaster is one highly-collectible solidbody electric guitar. Fender Mahogany Telecaster LTD Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance: Mahogany for a distinct Tele tone Hum-canceling single-coil pickup Humbucker on a Tele? Mahogany for a distinct Tele tone While most Telecasters have either an ash or alder body, this 60th Anniversary Tele-bration Mahogany Telecaster sports a solid mahogany body. This gives you enhanced sustain and a richer low end response. It's got the classic Tele feel and vibe, with a distinct voice that sets it apart from the pack. Hum-canceling single-coil pickup The Mahogany Telecaster sports Fender's split-coil hum canceling single-coil pickup in the neck position. You get the classic spank and bite you'd expect from a classic Tele, without the vintage hum and buzz. This single-coil pickup has plenty of vibe on its own, but also gives your Mahogany Tele a completely unique voice when combined with the Enforcer humbucking bridge pickup. Humbucker on a Tele? It's been done before, and always raises a few eyebrows. Fender's Tele-bration Telecasters are meant to show the versatility of the Tele, and the inclusion of an Enforcer humbucking pickup in the bridge position gives you a ton of tonal flexibility. On its own, you get the growling hot output you'd expect. Combine it with the single-coil neck pickup, and you've got a unique tone that's powerful, biting, and articulate. You'll love the sound of this Tele plugged into your favorite tube amplifier. Fender Mahogany Telecaster LTD Solidbody Electric Guitar Features: Part of Fender's 60th Anniversary "Tele-bration" line of limited edition Telecasters Color: Natural Only 500 available worldwide - highly collectible! No-load tone control doesn't color the sound of the bridge pickup when pegged Split-coil hum canceling single-coil pickup puts out vintage tone without the vintage noise and buzz Contoured body is comfortable to hold and play, and distinct from your average Telecaster body Hard case included

1398.00 EUR

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