Verpacken einer Gibson Gitarre / How to ship a Gibson guitar


At the head I take two (!) double pages of newspaper. These should not (!) be wound flat and flattened on the headstock - but loosely crumpled! The coarse wrapping gives an ideal cushion and the headstock can't bang against any of the case covers. The paper on the frame and on the cutaway (each a double side) is also to protect the toggle. In addition, the body is stabilized. Please also pad the guitar case well in the shipping box. Please do not put any contracts, papers, invoices, accessories, case goodies, etc. in the box (some things have already been lost), but only in the guitar case. Or on the outside of the box (e.g. a clear delivery note envelope). Please make sure that the length of the box is not more than 120cm, at DHL. Width up to 60cm. Please insure the package.

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