Okko "Recto Plex"


Great new pedal from OKKO! + + + "RECTOPLEXXX – that name should be quite self-explaining. We just put both the crunchy Plexi grind and the thick saturated Recto sounds in a box and leave it up to you to find your perfect combination. The RECTOPLEXXX runs on whopping 24 volts internally (no extra power supply needed) for maximum punch in every setting. The range of the DRIVE control goes from a bone-dry crunch sound to tight, aggressive high gain sound for high-speed riffing. SHAPE blends between mid-scooped metal sound and pronounced upper mids that cut through the mix like a machete. Use the TREBLE control to tame the beast a bit or give the sound the extra edge."

179.00 EUR

inkl. 19% UST

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