Okko Diablo “Gregor Hilden Signature”


"More than 10 years ago Gregor Hilden bought one of the first Diablo pedals in a little shop in Germany and kept the Diablo as THE overdrive ever since that day, playing it in hundreds of shows and the numerous guitar demo videos in his GregsGuitars Youtube channel. The Diablo GH offers exceptional dynamic qualities and super-clear, warm tone. It works equally well with clean and overdriven amps. The GH model is based on the classic Diablo but comes with a few tweaks and a set of new controls that affect the "feel" of the pedal, the way how it reacts to your playing. DYN(AMIC) adjusts the internal voltage from about 6 to 18 volts. Increasing the headroom results in less compression, tighter bass and more punch. FEED controls low frequencies in the input signal allowing tight and transparent sounds even with the fattest sounding neck pickups. BODY control is a bit different from the regular Diablo, adds low mids in the first gain stage for thick, singing lead sounds. INPUT 3-position-miniswitch sets the sensitivity of the input gain stage for best interaction with your guitars. Just try and find your favorite setting. MIDS changes frequencies in the tone control. Perfect for matching pedal and amp tone. The BOOST section is a completely independent circuit and is located AFTER the DRIVE. BOOST knob is the master volume (gain is set fixed), TONE controls treble content of the boosted signal. Dial back for sweet boosted lead sounds. For a more detailed description of the controls please refer to the USER MANUAL." See Pics 4 for my setting

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