LeoSounds PAF Set Vintage Player "Gregor Hilden Signature"


LeoSounds Vintage Player "Gregor Hilden Signature", calibrated set. This is what a great PAF replica should sound like: Refined, sweet, transparent, and with a great sense of detail. Out-of-phase in the middle position (just like Peter Green's old Les Paul). And yes, of course these are modeled after the sound of the original Gibson PAF and Pat.No. humbuckers in my favourite 1968 Les Paul goldtop (converted to 50s specs)! True to vintage PAF specs, my Signatures are with long cast unpolished raw Alnico-2 magnets, not wax-potted, so watch out for feedback in high gain settings. They come with aged nickel plated German silver (no treble loss!) covers by default. By request, unaged covers and non-out of phase sets are available! Here is how great these pickups sound in an ordinary production line Les Paul Standard

259.00 EUR

inkl. 19 % UST

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