My No.1 Guitar !! 1968 Gibson Les Paul Std. Goldtop converted to PAFs


1968 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Converted to 50s Specs w/ PAFs. My personal all-time favourite guitar! This heavily modified battered bastard originally featured P-90 pickups, but was routed out to accommodate humbucker pickups. Now it is the home for an original old PAF in the neck position and an original ’63 Patent Number at the bridge. One previous owner also had weight relief chambers routed into the body – not exactly an example of fine Gibson craftsmanship, but in a rather crude way: holes were drilled into the body from the back and then covered with a thick bottom veneer. However, the veneer work is not easily detectable. Additionally, the headstock has been broken several times (expert luthier Boris Dommenget performed the final bullet-proof headstock restauration); a third pickup cavity had been routed in the middle position and refilled again; a Bigsby vibrato system had been installed and removed again; several refrets have been performed – this guitar has been through it all! The sound is just divine – somewhere in between a Les Paul and an ES-335. The neck shape is perfect, like an original ’59. And the guitar weighs in at only 3.8 kgs! The curious thing about it is that this guitar was part of a trade-in deal when I sold my original 1959 Les Paul Standard () many years ago – the ’59 being the more valuable and revered guitar for most. But as soon as I picked up the goldtop, it immediately felt like “my” guitar – and it took me only 2 seconds to realize that it would be my main guitar for the rest of my life! This gorgeous goldtop has been featured extensively on many of my CDs and on my DVD “Live at the Luna Bar” and it proudly stars the cover of my instrumental CD “Golden Voice Blues” (by Manfred Pullert – the Nashville bridge has been replaced with an original old ABR-1 bridge since) (With original Dumble Overdrive Special ODS 100) (With original 1968 silverface / alu frame Fender Vibrolux Reverb) (with 1963 Vibroverb). (Live - the first section of the solo is clean, then I switch on my OKKO Diablo overdrive pedal) (Live from Laboratorium, Stuttgart) (Side by side with other guitars from my collection - some of which have been sold since) (Live from Celle)