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Here are 20 licks and phrases plus chords wich I use a lot in different grooves and songs. A professional PDF file with standard notation & TABs for these licks including the chords and rhythms I've played here in the Video is available direct from me! Ordering the PDF with TABs & notation: Just papal me 10,- USD (go to paypal -- click "send money" to: hilden@muenster.de or send me an e-mail and I can do a paypal request) and I will send the PDF by replying the e-mail right away. I hope you like it. The range goes from "easy" to "advanced". (Please note: you might need to practise on each of them to get a good flow). But even if you don't use the whole licks of your choice, you can benefit from parts of these licks and the chords. This will inspire your playing,some techniques will allow you to create more similar stuff in this style.). You can use most of these Licks and chord voicings in very different grooves and moods if you you gonna change the tempo, the rhythm or some notes. Lick 1: Is a nice lick wich works great for any Slow Blues. But you can play it also in a funky tune if you speed it up Guitar: My No. 1 Gibson Les Paul 1968 converted with PAFs Lick 2: I use this kind of arpeggio-licks in ballads a lot Guitar: My lovely refinished 1967 ES-355 Lick 3: This lick introduce some of my concepts playing some "outside notes" into a ballad / Funk tune or whatever Guitar: A great 2001 Gibson 54 Reissue (R-4) in rare sunburst wich I got from Mick Ralphs ("Bad Company") Lick 4: I use a lot of hammer ons / pull offs in the more rock-oriented stuff, you can crate some flashy stuff like that Lick 5: A classic blues-lick wih you can speed up nicely if you want to play it in a fast jump-blues, swing etc. Lick 6: Kind of flashy open strings lick, fun to play Guitar: 2005 Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster Relic Lick 7: Funky-chicken-funky-stuff.. can fresh up your blues playing Guitar: My 1996 Fender Custom Shop Tele Lick 8: Jazzy arpeggio lick with some gentle outside notes Lick 9: A funky open string lick Guitar: handmade 2009 Helliver Custom Guitar Lick 10: Since I've played this lick on my very first album "Guitar Deluxe" in the intro, I always love to play it in different titles (check my Video with the original 1959 Les Paul) Guitar: A 2010 Haar Custom made guitar Lick 11: Another outside playing concept Lick 12: Very classic honky-tonk-stuff ! Lick 13: A open-string-lick wich was inspired by the late great Chet Atkins Lick 14: Easy, funny open string lick Lick 15: If you don't know what to play during a solo -- just play this easy lick... it works always Lick 16: Blues... with some interesting notes Lick 17: This is really outside -- if you like that, you can change a few things and find more interesting ideas Lick 18: More "melodic-outside" on this one Lick 19: More funky outside stuff Lick 20: Fun stuff -- much easier to play than it looks and sounds like Have fun, Gregor (www.gregorhilden.de) This Video was recorded in 2010 / Amp is a Fender blackface Vibrolux Reverb, plus Okko Diablo sometimes, plus Boss RC-2 Looper for the chords

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