Vahlbruch "Jewel Drive"


Vahlbruch Jewel Drive. This overdrive pedal features two independent gain stages („Drive" and „Drive+") with seperate adjustable gain and volume controls. For example, you can dial in a crunchy rhythm sound and a louder, saturated lead sound at just the perfect volume balance. Or how about the other way round? A heavily saturated, but relatively quiet rhythm and a cleaner but louder solo sound? No problem. The Jewel Drive's amazing sound is extremely natural and has a great singing quality - perfect for Joe Bonamassa or Gary Moore-style sounds, for example. Unique to the Jewel drive is the Timbre control which adjusts a specially shaped range of midrange frequencies. In my videos the Timbre control is set to "11", i.e. mids are just slightly scooped, which produces a beautifully juicy attack. All Vahlbruch pedals are completely handbuilt in Germany. Recently, the Jewel Drive recieved a rave review in Germany's No. 1 guitar magazine Gitarre & Bass! Price: € 254 (incl. 19% turnover tax), free shipping! s

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