1955 Gibson L-5 (formerly owned by Danny Gatton)


An original 1955 Gibson L-5 alone is a real treat for any vintage guitar fan, but the fact that the late, legendary Danny Gatton owned and played exactly this one for decades makes it an unvaluable treasure for me, and I am filled with pride to own it know. Danny Gatton's 1955 Gibson L-5 CES is pictured on the cover of his CD "Runnin Wild: The Renegade Years 1981-1988" and was played frequently both in the studio & on stage. Gatton inscribed his name in pencil under the neck pickup rout, as well as on the back side of the pickguard. He also carried out all the modifications: some slight relief in the top for the neck pickup to sit lower, replaced pots, glued ABR-1 wood base to the top, replaced ABR-1 with wire, Tele-style input jack plate.