Vahlbruch "Phaser"


Vahlbruch Phaser. I never really was a fan of those 70s phaser sounds, but this top-quality, German-made boutique model is a really fantastic and useful pedal: From a subtle fattening of your sound to psycehedelic Robin Trower-approved Univibe swirls to fast Danny Gatton-style Leslie swirls, every setting sounds great! Price: € 235 (incl. 19% turnover tax). Foto With newer Fender 60s Classic Player Strat: Rather subtle with Gibson R7: With '71 Strat: with 70s Gibson ES-335: with Fender Custom Shop 1958 Strat: Leslie sounds with 1999 LP Goldtop:

235.00 EUR

inkl. 19 % UST

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