OKKO TwinSonic


OKKO TwinSonic. This is a pedal for guitar players who prefer lower gain, Fender or Dumble-style sounds. Like the Diablo Boost+, the TwinSonic features seperate overdrive and clean boost sections, each with their own independent level controls and footswitches. You can either use the boost to achieve a louder clean solo or rhythm sound (if your amp is set clean) - or you can use it to push vintage tube amps that are set on the verge of break-up into saturation. Additionally, you can kick in overdrive section (which produces the most saturation), or use it by itself. The TwinSonic also features a unique Vox-like Cut control to reduce high end. Now if you turn up the Tone control as you turn down the Cut control, the pedal produces a punchy, midrangy Dumble-style sound! Price: € 249 (incl. 19% turnover tax), full manufacturer's warranty. s

249.00 EUR

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