OKKO Diablo Overdrive


It is not a secret, my absolute preference in overdrive/distortion pedals is the OKKO Diablo, hand built by German boutique maker OKKO in Leipzig. I use this pedal on every gig I play, you can hear it on my DVD "Live at the Luna Bar" and on hundreds of my YouTube videos. This overdrive is probably the best I ever played - and I think I played them all, including rare and expensive boutique pedals like the Klon Zentaur, Hermida Zen Drive etc. I might try something else every now and then, just for a change - but I'm always coming back to the Diablo! I am so impressed with the quality of the OKKO pedals that I decided to always keep some in stock - so you don't have to wait the usual 2-3 months delivery period! Various versions available: "Standard" (€ 199), "Gain+" with extra, switchable gain stage (€ 239), "Twin Sonic" with the sound of a cranked Fender Twin amp (€ 249)

199.00 EUR

inkl. 19 % UST

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