1995 Gibson Les Paul Std. black - natutral aging!!!


Beautifully aged LP - extreme, (real and natural) rock'n'roll patina, including the vintage smell that goes with it... For sale only to customers with a valid Rock'n'Roll ID :-) Super tone and very good playability.Great tone! Nice medium neck (there was no distinction between 50ths and 60ths neck in the LP Std in 1996, just one, nicely shaped neck with a medium C format, very classy! In this case, the back of the neck has been stripped of paint - which makes for a nice woody vintage feel when playing. These great 1990's Les Pauls certainly won't be getting any cheaper in the next few years either! And you can get along with such a guitar more than well, respectively also realize really great sounds (on my 1st CD "Guitar Deluxe" e.g. such a guitar is in use, among others also on "Slabo Day", the title is also on the CD "Sweet Rain", only, on my Std. I had switched out of phase in the middle position) incl. original brown Case

2998.00 EUR

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