2020 Gibson ES-339 see through cherrry - upgrade: Kloppmann Peter Weihe Set - plus NOS CAPS


This guitar I had sold in 2021 - and now got it back in excellent condition along with a set of Kloppmann Peter Weihe set - plus NOS CAPS - this set now costs 1048,- new!!!! And in video 2 you can hear and see the guitar now in its current condition including the Kloppmans. Video 1 is still with the original pickups. Photos1: Actual with Peter Weihe PUs, photos 2 / 3 in the original condition at that time. The original PUs are no longer present - but are also no longer needed - see video... ! Beautiful scaled down ES-335 variant with the medium C-Neck. The guitar sounds fantastic and is in top condition! Unlike the opaque lacquered versions, here the beautiful classic glaze has been applied where the wood grain can be seen! + + + Incl. original , papers, accessories