1971 Ibanez "Al Caiola"


Great guitar from the pre-lawsuit era - extremely rare, only built from 1971 to 1972. According to Ibanez, no more than 400 examples were made. Wonderful flamed maple top, sides and back are made of maple, the fingerboard of the slim neck is made of rosewood. The inlays in the headstock and fingerboard are made of mother-of-pearl. The sound is provided by 2 old Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz (not original), which were wound by Maricella Juarez - absolutely top class. The tuners have been replaced, the pickguard is missing. Weight: 2750 grams, case included. Condition: Belt buckle marks on the back. Overall good condition. The whole thing is controlled via 2 volume controls and 4 switches, whereby the first 2 switch the pickups on and off and the rear 2 react as a tone control. For the bridge pickup, the tone control is currently not working (probably a loose cable somewhere). For the neck pickup, the tone can be switched a little more jazzy, i.e. the treble is cut a little. The sound is really great - see video

1248.00 EUR

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