1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom with Jaeger "Bavarian Makeover" (2540,- !)


First of all, the most important thing: This GItarre is one of the most beautiful, and best-sounding custom from this time I ever had here! There are no breaks or repairs! The neck is slim and feels great in the hand, the new frets are super-grippy! Actually, it also looks exactly like a nicely aged custom, with gorgeous lacquer cracks, etc. However, this was done by Florian Jäger, who first repainted the guitar completely and authentically. The result is so: authentic, that I would have classified this guitar as original Vintage, if not for the invoice (2540,-!!) and the certificate from Jäger in the case. The tuners were also exchanged for Kluson Wafflebacks. Original grovers (no longer included) could also be remounted because no additional holes were drilled. The original 1975 dated pots are in the case - high quality new pots have been installed. Original case. The guitar is with 4,3 kg very light for a specimen from this time! - the video takes care of that perfectly... (!)