Neu!! BLUE LAVA Original FreeBoost


Not only an interesting toy - but also a really good musical instrument. Brand new!! Incl. original bag, accessories Pickup: L2 with Freeboost Technology Preamp system: L2 with Freeboost Technology Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects can be played without amplifier BLUE LAVA Original has an Acoustic model and a FreeBoost model that are differentiated by built-in effects of delay, reverb and chorus. Both models come in a compact 36-inch size and Walnut/Frost White color. They feature Lava's signature design and technology to deliver original sound and enhanced playability. •Travel-friendly with lightweight and recyclable HPL material •Quality acoustic sound with 4-MASS and FreeBoostTM technology •Unique and iconic LAVA design •Brand new color matching of Walnut / Frost White with textured wood. with FreeBoost Technology: uses the back of the LAVA ME guitar as a speake

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