2022 Modell Gibson ES-335 Exclusives Collection P90, Neu! DEMO


This Gibson ES-335 is from the Exclusives Collection that is only sold direct from Gibson, not available from dealers. This one has the ebony finish, white P90 covers, and white pickguard, reminiscent of the Les Paul Deluxe Pro of the 1970s. The video shows another, same one that was already here The guitar is set up and ready to play with low, fast action. All notes ring out clearly across all frets. The P90s give the great tone they are known for with much lusher, fuller clean tones than most other single coil pickups, and strong output that also lends itself to great overdriven/distorted sounds. The condition is near mint, with only light surface scratches. The pickguard protective plastic is still in place. The back of the headstock is stamped "DEMO". Nut width - 1.72 inches The guitar comes with its original hardshell case, certificate of authenticity, and all of the original case candy including production photo, Gibson leather strap, multi-tool, and polishing cloth.

3698.00 EUR

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