NEU!Vahlbruch Octavia v2 - Fuzz / OctaFuzz Pedal


This new version now also features my unique MagTraB switch and an additional EDGE control that determines the treble and harmonic content. Instead of germanium, Schottky diodes are now used, which sound simply fantastic! The "Octavia v2" is a completely analog and handmade guitar effects unit that produces exactly the wild, ring modulation flavored, "octave-up/OctaFuzz" sounds that Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others loved to use. In the style of the legendary Tychobrahe Octavia pedal, a special transformer with downstream clipping diodes is also used here. In the current V2 version, however, so-called Schottky diodes now perform as an absolute special feature, which give the pedal a very special touch and are much more stable in value than Germanium diodes. Also the "Edge" controller is new! With this, the treble component and the overtone spectrum of the pedal can now be adjusted. Fully turned up, the frequency response corresponds to the V1 version with maximum Bite, Grit and Presence. However, if this is too much for you, you can now reduce "Edge". In the "Fuzz" setting, the "Octavia v2" can also be used as a pure fuzz (without "octave-up"). The "Gain" knob determines the fuzz intensity in this mode.