New 2023 Vemuram "Budi-G" 3 FET Booster with 2-band EQ (kommt im Dezember wieder rein)


Brand new - I just got 5 pieces - original packaging. The Budi-G is the ultimate boost pedal for a natural tube amp saturation sound that will highlight the character of the other effects on your pedalboard, with total tone control thanks to its 2-band EQ. With a lot of dynamics and huge volume range, it also has a gain setting that allows to add a light and elegant overdrive at the end of your signal chain. Its Sat(uration) trimpot allows to fine-tune the response of the overdrive in order to fit perfectly with the rest of your gear. 3 FET Booster with 2-band EQ •Boost: effect volume. •Gain: overdrive level. •Bass & Treble: low and high settings. •Sat: gain level pre-setting. •Powers with standard 9 Volts (center negative

398.00 EUR

inkl. 19% UST

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