(my personal) 1982 Kitty Hawk Standard. (not for sale)


After all these years I had the opportunity to buy back one of my Kitty Hawk Standards. I played this amp for decades (!) and recorded many of my CDs with it (see for example the classic "Slabo Day" from my 1994 CD "Guitar Deluxe" - video #2). This Standard still stands up against all those Two Rocks, Fuchs amps, Bludos etc. as it has a very nice sound of its own. At one time, I got weary of lugging this heavy beast around, the combo version (see video #1) weighs in at a hefty 30kgs, due to the fat transformers and the EV12L speaker. I rediscovered my fondness of vintage Fender amps (especially the 2 x 10" Vibrolux Reverb) and when the OKKO Diablo overdrive pedals were introduced, the combination of these replaced my Kitty Hawks altogether and I sold my small collection one by one. This one was the the very last I sold years ago and it was not just sheer nostalgia that made me jump on the opportunity to buy it back - I am really looking forward to use it live and in the studio again! Combined with my 2009 Vox 2 x 12" Blue Alnico speaker cabinet (which I also used with an original Dumble head on my CD "Blue in Red"), the Hawk sounds even rounder and more refined than with the 1986 Kitty Hawk 1 x 12" hardwood speaker cabinet! Interestingly, only the Standard series from those years sound really great - the more expensive Custom series was susceptical to failure and did not sound nearly as good. Only the very early Junior models which sound something like a Mesa Boogie are a recommendable option. All later Kitty Hawks from the mid 80s on were completely redesigned and sounded nothing like the great early Standards and Juniors.