Kloppmann GH "Golden Voice" PAF Set


The Gregor Hilden Golden Voice Set is a revelation for all guitarists who love Peter Green's sound with Fleetwood Mac on legendary live albums such as "Live in Boston". Or the typical B.B. King sound of the '60s. And not to forget: the sound of Gregor's absolute favourite guitar called "Golden Voice", his '68 Gibson Les Paul. This - in the middle position "out-of-phase" switched, slightly nasally, wonderfully singing sound needs pickups that sound incredibly open and react very sensitively to the player. Gregor Hilden: "The HBGH reacts fantastically to my touch dynamics, I don't know any new pickups that are so musical!" Andreas Kloppmann is pleased and thanks Gregor "greenishly" for the cooperation: "Oh well!"

498.00 EUR

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