1976 Gibson L-5 (Ex-Russell Malone)


Wow, such an opportunity does not come along every day: the personal Gibson L-5 of Russell Malone, which he has played the last 20 years (!) as the main guitar in the studio and live. I had discovered the guitar in the USA at a dealer whose has offered the guitar directly from RM - and I clicked directly on "buy", because I already knew the ""You've Got A Friend" video and others - and have always loved the sound of this guitar! Whoever gets this guitar should be interested exclusively in the sound and the history of this instrument, because in terms of "original condition" there are various modifications, but all of them were made by Malone himself due to musical considerations: Beautiful, grippy frets for one, Grover tuners, one of the pickups also has a slightly different shape of the cap (I have not looked inside yet), on the frame and top there are professionally made repairs and touch-ups. Newer Pickguard. The price of this unique player guitar is now oriented to a brand new L-5 - for me it would be no question which one I would take in case of choice (!), a newer brown Gibson L-5 case is included. All import duties and sales tax, shippingcost etc. are now already included in the price, professional musicians can also deduct 19% VAT with the invoice issued by me