2022 Partscaster hochwertig & extrem leicht (2,8kg)


nice one - and the builder says: Nice part, and the builder describes the guitar as follows: Hardtail Strat offer. It consists of a VERY light redwood body, originally from MJT, but refinished again by Retro169 in the UK. I had subsequently decided to go with Fiesta Red. This is a pure nitro finish with appropriate aging, as is the neck of Japanese manufacture. The instrument is very resonant and weighs 2.8 kg. The bridge is a Callaham Hardtail with Highwood saddles from NL. https://www.highwood-guitarparts.com/ The pickups are a Pinktone set from Onamac Windery, Kerry Learned from the USA. https://onamacwindery.com/products/stratocaster/pinktone.html The electrics are CTS Premium pots and a passive mid control from Rothstein Guitars, also USA. https://www.guitar-mod.com/rg_passive.html