2011 Martin DPCP-A4 Electroacoustic Dreadnought


Update: now for sale after all... Update2 Freshly made beautiful jumbo frets that play much better than the original thin frets!!! Actually, not a spectacular model - but this guitar I will now gladly use for my own acoustic gigs and further studio recordings, because: on the one hand, the sound is really extraordinarily great, rich bass, but not booming, wonderful treble and a ernome sound depth characterize this guitar. In addition, the quite wide neck (4.5mm nut width), which is for my not thin fingers but prima suitable, even in the first positions problematic chords without the unwanted damping of individual strings to enable. Then I like the simple arrangement of the two pots - the fumbling for a wheel in the sound hole is thus eliminated. And last but not least the cutaway is a nice thing if you want to play in the higher registers. At this point, a note: the strap pin as it is now mounted here in Taylor style on the side of the neck, has in my opinion nothing, but really nothing lost here. You already have a nice cutaway here and then actually bumps unpleasantly with the left hand on the strap pin when playing - without the pin there would offer any advantage. On the contrary, such a guitar is much more balanced on the strap when the pin is mounted in the same place as I will soon install it on this guitar (update: not done yet): at the base of the neck (as on an ES-335). This advice also applies to guitars without cutaway and is an urgent recommendation to all those who have just bought an acoustic guitar on which, as is so often the case with new acoustics, the strap pin is not yet mounted.

1898.00 EUR

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