(No.2 ) 1966 Gibson ES-335, Ice Tea Sunburst


This guitar was one of my go-to instruments in the 90s, and I played it quite excessively on many tours (for example with Big Jay McNeely). In the 2000s, I gave it to my friend and fellow guitarist "Blue George" of Cologne, who used it as his main instrument for about a decade, including several studio recordings such as the CD "In Between" where this guitar ist prominently featured. In the meantime, George's preferances have changed, and so I got it back. I had to think about it for a moment, but since I own a wonderful 1969 Ice Tea Sunburst ES-335 already, I can give it up for sale. Preferably to an active (!) player. Collectors won't be interested in it that much, although you could install a Maestro Vibrato and a Custom Made plate over the tailpiece stud holes to restore the original look. At one time, Schaller tuners had been installed, now it features authentic Kluson double line/double ring reissues. The frets are worn low and have dents - I strongly recommend a professional refret with nice taller Dunlop 6105 frets (at your request, I can have a professional luthier do that for you). I added a period correct, original Lifton case, which is much more authentic than the brown 90s case, which came with the guitar. All in all a fantastic musical instrument that wants to be played for many more decades, and a nice investment. + + + Comes with period correct, original Lifton case.

SOLD 6498.00 EUR