1963 Guild A-350 Stratford (not for sale)


The guitar was bought from the son of the first owner - and is a piece of living history! A wonderful instrument. The beautiful original tuners (Pics3) were in the case and could be remounted 1:1 without residue (and run absolutely fine), the Grover Stairsteps (Videos 1-4), which have been attached in the meantime, have exactly the same drilling dimensions - and are now in the case - if required... Guitar was featured in the german GITARRE & BASS Magazine (a copy is included). A great guitar - this one from my private collection has to go now, like a lot of other things, because of lack of space (my girlfriend will move in with me soon and the space is needed). Otherwise I would have liked to keep this guitar myself. In this case, however, the priorities must have priority

5998.00 EUR

inkl. 16% UST

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