Neu!! OKKO T3 Tremolo


he T3 is the most complex OKKO Pedal build so far. This great-sounding, versatile Tremolo pedal can do everything from vintage amp style modulation to weird polyrhythmic chops and offers some features you won't find in any other Tremolo pedal: – main tremolo featuring two optocouplers for harmonic or regular tremolo effect – waveforms (sine, triangle, square) with adjustable symmetry (ramp ups/downs possible) – tempo controlled by the speed pot or tap tempo footswitch can be multiplied by 1,2 or 3 – another optical tremolo (T3) in series with the main one for a way more complex modulation – T3 can be switched via an optional external footswitch – fully analog and parallel signal path featuring rail-to-rail opamps run on 18V for increased headroom (pedal runs on regular 9V though) – 5V clock input and output available on request for integration in synth setups – each pedal is setup individually for optimum performance

299.00 EUR

inkl. 19% UST

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