2023 Baron "Modell 1" (Nr.6 - Einzelanfertigung)


The Münster-based guitar builder Oliver Baron has already earned an excellent reputation worldwide with his "Helliver" guitars over the past decades. His guitars are finely handcrafted - with his own style but also an awareness of tradition. A whole new chapter is now opened with the introduction of his label "Baron". Exclusive electric guitars are handmade in his workshop - this model still has features that will no longer be available in the future, such as a high-gloss finish and traditional PAF pickups. The guitar is wonderfully light - sounds fantastic. I have now recorded a total of four videos with the two Baron guitars that are here - and tonally there is really everything: from airy, jazzy sounds to sweet blues - to the rock-in the face. And as you've come to expect from Helliver guitars: equipped with a fantastically shaped neck (a wonderful medium format - just right, not too thick, not too thin! A fan of the Baron guitars is already the German guitar legend Carl Carlton, who had enthusiastically chosen a guitar during a visit to the workshop. The instrument offered here is brand new and has not had a previous owner. Videos will follow