Chickenpicks / Plektren (7 verschiedene / 7 different types) 6,60 each, inkl. shipping


For many years (and thousands of YT videos) i have used Dunlop Delrin 500 2mm picks, and I did not think that would ever change. But now I found the new, fantastic ChickenPick plecs. Made from a new, extremely durable material, these thick and stiff, yet light weight picks with beveled edges feel comfortable and sound great - clearer and with a wider frequency range than standard picks. There are various shapes and gauges you can choose from - minimum order is three picks at € 7,50/each. Order three (or more) of the same picks or mix various models (total is 22,50 for 3 pieces). Here are videos featuring the same Fano SP-6 guitar, amp and setup comparing the Regular 2.6mm ChickenPick to the Dunlop Delrin 500 - crank the volume some and listen through quality speakers or headphones, and you should be able to hear the difference.

6.60 EUR

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