(My personal) 2001 Gibson Custom Shop J-190 (not for sale)


Great transucing concept featuring both a piezo pickup and a Charlie Christian magnetic neck pickup that you can use seperately or combined. I am looking forward to check it out on the next acoustic gigs. + + + "For years, guitarists seeking an instrument that offered both acoustic and electric sounds had limited choices... either an acoustic guitar with a piezo pickup, or a semi-hollow body guitar with a single/double coil pickup. Gibson Montana offers the best of both worlds with the J-190 Super Fusion Model, a handmade acoustic guitar with BOTH an under-the-saddle acoustic transducer pickup as well as an electric single coil pickup. The thing that distinguishes the J-190 from everything else is that it has an undersaddle pickup and a "Charlie Christian pickup"; you can use either alone or both when playing. This extremely versatile guitar is designed to combine Gibson's legendary archtop jazz and semi-hollowbody sounds with Gibson Montana's unmatched acoustic sound. This is accomplished via the user-friendly three-way toggle switch, which lets the guitarist choose between the electric single coil pickup, the acoustic pickup, or a blend of both simultaneously. The J-190 Super Fusion can sound unplugged, plugged in, or somewhere in between, and its playing comfort makes it the perfect guitar for the whole gig. The J-190 has a solid sitka spruce top, a figured back with flamed maple sides and neck covered with an ebony fingerboard. The arched back of the J190 is made for Gibson Montana in Nashville in the same press used to make the ES-175. Masterbuilt Gibson guitars feature: bookmatched woods, a dovetail neck-to-body joint, carved and scalloped top bracing, and authentic lacquer finishes. You get a mother-of-pearl split block markers on a 24 3/4 inch scale neck and a choice of Antique Natural, Vintage Sunburst or Antique Cherry finish color. Pick ups include a single-coil neck Lace Sensor and at the bridge, a Fishman Transducer. There is a three-way toggle, two volume controls and a tone control to "dial in" your own blend of electric and acoustic sounds. The guitar plays great and sound fantastic but has crack in the top. I wasn't bother with repair as it still sound the same. It's quite unique version with two pickups and was over 3k when new. Comes with original hard case."